As the sovereign wealth fund of the Ho-Chunk Nation, Twelve Clans, Inc. provides diversified business and investment resources for the future development of the Nation.


Twelve Clans, Inc. is working to establish a new standard for tribal holding companies through world class governance, thought leadership, and best-in-class investment management.  Twelve Clans, Inc. is building a portfolio of private market investments, which include:

  • Professionally Managed Partnerships:  Twelve Clans, Inc. is actively partnering with proven, successful management teams focused on small and mid-market, buyout.
  • Co-Investments:  Through our relationships and support of professionally managed partnerships, Twelve Clans, Inc. has access to qualified deal flow. Where Twelve Clans, Inc. can add value, it will co-invest alongside these professionally managed partnerships and take larger stakes in the individual companies themselves.
  • Direct Investments: Over time and as opportunities arise, Twelve Clans, Inc. may lead the buyout of small, closely held businesses where Twelve Clans, Inc. can add value.


Twelve Clans, Inc. identifies investment opportunities directly and through our network of strategic relationships.  Twelve Clans, Inc. regularly engages with partnership managers and works in collaboration with best-in-class partners.  Twelve Clans, Inc. is a deliberate risk taker based upon sound, professional investment analysis.  We conduct preliminary diligence in-house and full, operational diligence in partnership with an experienced fiduciary resource.  

  • Investment occurs routinely through commitments recommended for approval by the Investment Committee for formal approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Ongoing monitoring is conducted by strategic fiduciary partners with routine reporting to the Investment Committee for any recommended action to the Board of Directors.   
  • Transparency is vital for Twelve Clans, Inc. to maintain the confidence of our stakeholders.  Quarterly reports are provided to the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature and an annual reporting of progress and standing are provided to all Ho-Chunk Nation members.  In addition, routine reporting through communication channels, including social media, and meetings is provided.